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1lb - Session Blend

1lb - Session Blend

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Introducing "Session Blend" - Our Signature Coffee Blend for Creativity and Inspiration!

Immerse yourself in a journey with our "Session Blend," our carefully crafted light/medium roast coffee blend that combines beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Kenya. Specially designed to complement your creative pursuits, this exceptional blend offers a harmonious symphony of flavors that will elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

The soul of "Session Blend" lies in its unique combination of distinct regional profiles. From the warm, nutty notes of Brazilian beans to the sweet and fruity accents of Guatemalan beans, and the lively, aromatic zest from Kenyan beans, each sip tells a captivating story of its origin. 

 Why is "Session Blend" the perfect companion for your artistic endeavors? Here's why:

  1. Inspired Creativity:  Whether you're in the comfort of your home, enjoying a quiet moment of inspiration, in a studio laying down new tracks or on the go in a bustling tour bus, "Session Blend" adapts to your surroundings. Its smooth, light/medium body ensures that it can be enjoyed black, with milk, as a latte, or cold brew. This blend can cater to your unique coffee preferences.
  1. Sustained Energy: With its light/medium roast, "Session Blend" provides the perfect balance between energy and smooth, mellow undertones. The caffeine kick is gentle enough to keep you alert during long writing sessions or on-the-road travels without overwhelming your senses.
  1. Community Connection: Just like musicians harmonizing together to create beautiful melodies and songwriters collaborating to create masterpieces, "Session Blend" fosters a sense of community and togetherness with its special blend. Share a cup with fellow artists, bandmates, or friends, and let the coffee spark lively discussions and collaborative ideas.

Experience the magic of "Session Blend" as it elevates your coffee moments into memorable, transformative experiences. Let the rich flavors from Brazil, Guatemala, and Kenya transport you to their origins, inspiring you to create, dream, and connect with the world around you. Embrace the essence of creativity in every cup, and let "Session Blend" become your loyal companion on your journey of artistic expression.

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Customer Reviews

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GREAT COFFEE 100% recommend!

First off great company and super easy ordering process and shipping was quick! I was surprised to see how nice even the shipping bags were it was exciting seeing it show up on my doorstep. I got ground for drip so I can make coffee quick at home and I can’t stop drinking it!

Great tasting blend would recommend 100%